Trivia Night Fun

Last night’s 80s Trivia Night was a blast! With 12 teams, and over 30 players and their families, the competition was fierce – and we don’t JUST mean on the trivia rounds! Choosing winners for the ‘best dressed’ part of the night was not an easy chore! THANK YOU to everyone who came out to play – as always, the main objective of the night is to have FUN, that, and of course, be the Team that gets your name on the trophy!

  • That Table Over There held onto their champion status, but it was close!
  • Coming in a close second was The Truffle Shuffles

We couldn’t choose a single winner for the costumes – being 80s night, we certainly expected plenty of leg warmers and big hair – but were surprised by a few as well!

That Table Over There took home a Rubik’s Cube for the unique Shark on their team. We tried to work in a “jumping the shark” joke, but they proved they are still relevant as ever by keeping their name on the Trivia Night trophy for another 2 weeks!

Quizzards of Oz took home Awesome Mix #1 from Guardians of the Galaxy – on cassette tape, of course – for their team member who strolled in with a massive boombox on her shoulder rocking full 80s casual gear – including leg warmers.

The 80s Group rocked the whole ensemble, complete with bright eyeshadow, side ponies, and chunky jewelry! They took home a full 80s essential accessory kit, with leg warmers, wrist bands, headband, waist belt, and mesh gloves.


Our next Trivia Night will be on July 16 – join us for more challenges and fun! Trivia Nights are fun for all ages – with a variety of difficulty levels and topics every single time. And there’s no pressure – you play at your table, no going head-to-head and being put on the spot!

We have 2 more special decade themed trivia events coming your way this year – be looking for 70s Night… and 90s Night!

CONGRATULATIONS to That Table Over There, and all of the winning costumes, and WELL DONE to ALL of the players! You all did GREAT!