Trivia Night 1st Quarter comes to an end!

1st Quarter Final for Tuesday Night Trivia was held 4/6/16, and what a night it was!

On 2/2/16  QUIZLING took the lead with an awesome showing in the last rounds, coming up from last place to first place in 2 rounds…
All evening on 3/1/16 was a toss-up as to who would come out on top – some teams ROCKED certain rounds, then BOMBED others – it all balanced out in the end, and THE QUIZZARDS OF OZ came out ahead at the end with 45 points…
On 4/5/16 we had LOTS of tied rounds, and it was a tough night! At the end, ONE TEAM TO RULE THEM ALL indeed ruled, and took home the cash grand prize with 48 points…

The winner of the 1st Quarter Super-Grand prize, with a cumulative score of 125 points, was
Lisa took home the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet

1st Quarter FINALS Cumulative Scores
2016 1st Quarter Super-Grand Prize: Amazon Fire Tablet

  1. Quizling – 43 (2/2) + 43 (3/2) + 39 (4/5) = 125 Points
  2. One Team To Rule Them All – 34 (2/2) + 39 (3/1) + 48 (4/5) = 121 points
  3. Quizzards of Oz – 27 (2/2) + 45 (3/1) + 43 (4/5) = 115 points
  4. JLH2 – 41 (2/2) + 29 (3/2) = 70 points
  5. The Quiznoes – 34 (3/1) points
  6. JK, They’re First – 32 (4/5) points


It’s never too late to get your team registered and join in!

The Quizzards of Oz
Diana, Christina, Armando, & Tori


Jamie Lee & Joshua Lee

One Team To Rule Them All
Sarah & Michael

The Quiznoes
Tyler & Heather

JK, They’re First
Vanessa, Lucas, Cera, Rebecca

Trivia Nights are FUN – we laugh (a LOT), and the challenge of the varied questions are tempered with humor and good-natured competitive ribbing. We had a bit of a trick question that started the night 4/5, and we told all teams (except one) the answer before we started. One of the team members recently celebrated a birthday, and we surprised her – when the question was asked all of the teams shouted out the answer in unison then burst into a round of Happy Birthday while a peanut butter cake was unveiled and presented to Lisa H.