Beat the Heat with Sno-Cones!

Available at The Garage
That’s right,

Beautiful shaved ice covered in yummy liquid sugar! How could you say no?


We offer these in any of our large variety of flavors ranging from grape to coconut, passion fruit to lime, and even our famous green apple. But hey, maybe you’re a little weird. Perhaps you want a butterscotch Sno-Cone, possibly even a cheesecake Sno-Cone. We here at The Garage don’t judge your strange tastes. In fact, we encourage them! Because – guess what? WE CAN DO THOSE FLAVORS TOO!

Stop by The Garage to beat the Texas heat this summer and get a delicious, refreshing, (and sugar coma inducing)*  SNO-CONE!

* Sugar-coma prone? That’s ok – we have SUGAR FREE flavors too!


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