September Giveaway!

We’re giving away these awesome dog tags 9/16/15 through 9/1915!
Will YOU be the lucky customer of the day?


We’ll choose 3 timeframes of each day Wednesday 9/16 through Saturday 9/19, and the first customer during that time will win one dog tag!
Selected times will change each day, so you never know if you’ll be the lucky winner!



dogtags_sept_2015_firstwinnerFirst winner showing off his new dog tag along with his purchase of the day:
a double shot espresso and our house-blend coffee!

dogtags_sept_2015_secondwinnerCongratulations to today’s second winner!
(And her awesome parents who visited us this afternoon for chillers!)

dogtags_sept_2015_thirdwinnerCongratulations to today’s final winner!
More chances to win tomorrow!


dogtags_sept_2015_17_firstwinnerCongratulations! 6th customer of the day and FIRST winner
– Will YOU be next?

dogtags_sept_2015_17_secondwinnerCongratulations to our second door prize winner today!
ONE more chance to win today… will it be YOU?

dogtags_sept_2015_17_thirdwinnerLast winner today – vape shop customer showing off
his new tag as well as his cloud 🙂
More chances to win tomorrow!


dogtags_sept_2015_18_firstwinnerCongratulations to our first winner today!
Friday Panther Pride!

dogtags_sept_2015_18_secondwinnerCongratulations to today’s second winner!
ONE more chance to win today!

 dogtags_sept_2015_18_thirdwinnerToday’s final winner – congratulations!
More chances to win tomorrow!


dogtags_sept_2015_19_firstwinnerCongratulations to our first winner today!
LOTS of chances to win today –
Bash ticket holders get chances at even more awesome prizes!

Today’s second dog tag winner!

dogtags_sept_2015_19_thirdwinnerCongratulations to our third dog tag winner!

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