Review/Interview: Vanessa Silberman by Chrissi Sumner

Vanessa Silberman
by Chrissi Sumner, 2/1/16

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Photo by Chrissi Sumner

Singer-songwriter Vanessa Silberman returned to Fort Stockton on January 29, 2016 to perform at The Garage for a second time. “I had so much fun the first time. The community is super cool and The Garage is a great place to play. It was a fun experience.”

Silberman is the founder of the alternative rock band Diamonds Under Fire, but after 12 years with the band, she decided to pursue a solo career. “I really wanted to grow, to try things in a completely new direction as an artist.” On top of writing music and touring, the talented Silberman also operates an artist development label based in Los Angeles called A Diamond Heart Production, where she’s produced several artists.

Silberman recently spent some time in South Africa doing a label collaboration with BOP Recording Studio, and volunteering her time working with the owners of BOP to create more opportunities for artists who otherwise may not have them.

Silberman is touring in support of the release of her third solo single, “American Folk Rock”. Influenced by old country, blues, folk and classic storytelling songwriters, the new acoustic single was recorded on a whim while in South Africa, and in only a few takes. “This song is very honest and personal. When I was out in South Africa working, I really found peace and had some life changing experiences.”

“American Folk Rock” was released on Valentine’s Day and can be purchased on iTunes.

ChrissiSumner Chrissi Sumner is a full time mother, part time barista, and photographer. Her photos can be seen at The Garage, where her work in capturing musician personalities in performance is featured in the music hall.

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