Review/Interview: 1 Last Chance by Alice Alexis

This is Our 1 Last Chance
By Alice Alexis, 1/26/16

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Photo by Chrissi Sumner

“This is our one last chance to do something… one last chance to really make music our ultimate goal and journey…” says Brandon McDaniel, lead guitarist and manager of the band “1 Last Chance” that played an unexpected acoustic set at The Garage on January 23.

The punk duo created such a unique sound, turning what was originally going to be a night of alternative rock/punk into a wonderfully different acoustic set while staying true to the punk vibes via vocals.

They were confident and comfortable with their music, and when they play you hear the passion and work behind it. “It feels like the only thing I’m good at…” says Jacob Hampton, lead singer and chief songwriter of the Oxford, Mississippi band. “I feel like I’d be selling my life short if I was doing anything else.”

They played a number of acoustic versions of their own songs such as “Changes” which was just as, if not more, sublime as their original. During their performance, they engaged the audience with humor and backstories to their songs, giving concert goers a little more connection to their music.

Jacob Hampton and Brandon McDanial have faced challenges on their journey, as all artists do. “[The hardest part is] rising above the noise… How do you differentiate yourself? We’ve figured out what makes us unique… and what makes us different from everything else… But it doesn’t matter if no one’s there to hear it.”

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