Quiz: Big Bend Open Road Race

Sit back, buckle up and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. …
The 2016 Big Bend Open Road Race is almost here!

Hailed as one of the most challenging open road races in the world, The Big Bend Open Road Race brings in hundreds of people to these small West Texas communities from all over the U.S. and Europe.
The 2016 race will take place April 20-23.
Make sure to check out www.bborr.com to learn more about this year’s race! (and maybe get some hints to our quiz!)

We want to know….

How well do you know the Big Bend Open Road Race?

What is the distance for the race?
What road/highway is the race held on?
Dave Golder holds the record for top speed (220.8mph). What year was the record set?
Tom Whalen holds the record for average speed (172.249 mph). What year was this record set?
What year was the race first run?
How many cars participated in the first race?
How many cars participated in the 2015 race?
Which 2 west Texas towns are the focal points of the course?
Where is the pre-race car show held?
Where is the pre-race parade held?

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