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Hand-crafted, personal drinks


All of your favorite drinks and treats at The Garage are hand-crafted and fresh,
from pre-made mixes or bases!

Our delicious cold coffees are made right here at The Garage, using a unique cold-brew process that delivers the best of great flavor from Big Bend Coffee Roasters Davis Mountain Blend coffee, without any bitterness from chilling a hot coffee, resulting in a naturally sweet and smooth cold coffee that’s perfect for Chillers and iced coffees.

Our homemade whipped cream is prepared daily, using only cream, vanilla and powdered sugar.


Espresso shots are tamped, pulled, and verified by baristas to ensure the fullest flavor with the right amount of crema. Texpresso blend from Big Bend Coffee Roasters gives our espresso drinks a smoothness you won’t find in other espressos.


Milk is expertly frothed to a velvety texture and exact temperature for a perfect latte experience.

Service at The Garage is unique and personal – our Coffee Mechanics (baristas, but much more – they fix you up right!) are more than just employees – they are owners, your friends, neighbors, and classmates. They take pride and personal satisfaction in every drink they prepare for you. With some fun and a lot of smiles, we’ll make your visit to The Garage the highlight of your day!

(Our barista-in-training has been promoted to junior coffee mechanic – she has been making drinks since she old enough to walk!)

We proudly serve only Big Bend Coffee Roasters coffee

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