Gallery: 2017 New Year’s Party

2017 Family New Year’s Party
December 31, 2016

We crowned a 2017 New Year’s Royal Court!
Nominations were taken from all attendees, and the winners received crowns, scepters, and royal robes and led the 2017 countdown.

The 2017 Garage Royal Court

 Princess Ava

Prince Ian

Queen Joyce

King William

Everyone played People Party, a game like BINGO, where they had to mingle and find party-goers who matched various descriptions on  their PARTY cards and have that person sign the square.

The winner of People Party was Dwaine!
Dwaine won a $25 Amazon Gift Card, but was even more excited when he got to trade it for a Garage Gift Card instead!
His traded Amazon card was given to one of our Coffee Mechanics as a little Thank You for the hard work he put towards making the party a hit.

Another game was Guess How Many Coffee Beans, and the winner with the closest guess was Mary!
(there were 1,049 beans in that glass, and she guessed 1,001). Mary won a $25 Gift Card from Amazon!


At the end of the night, our hard working Coffee Mechanics finally got to join the festivities
and had a toast to another year of friends, family, and of course, THE GARAGE!

A few of the resolutions and wishes from party goers: