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Braden Southard, Wyatt Martin, & Snotty Hicks 10/14

October 14, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Braden Southard, Wyatt martin, & Snotty Hicks
Saturday, October 14, 2017 ~ 7pm

Braden Southard is out of Wichita Falls TX. He is now a Nashville recording artist and is making the rounds in Texas and some other states! Has been playing professionally going on 4 years now. His shows are very energetic he is extremely great with interacting with the crowd and gets them on their feet and dancing! Always country and always a great time!


Twenty-five years is a long time for someone to spend overseas especially if he is just a few years older than that himself. He may look American, he may talk American, his mannerisms and demeanor may not strike anyone as unusual, but his foundations are made of a different substance altogether.
I don’t mean to say you can’t relate to, or you won’t find any common ground with that kind of person; people after all are people. I guess what it could be is that they’ve walked that other path. The one you’ve thought about sometimes after reading a book, or watching a YouTube video, or listening to your teacher talk about Africa. And you’ve thought “I wonder what that’s like?” or “if I knew more about that, then maybe it would help me with a bit of this here”. Maybe it would help you answer some questions you didn’t even know you had. Questions like why do kids in China say their last name first, or why do ladies in Mexico kiss you on the cheek to say hello, or why do they speak so many languages in Uganda even though it’s such a small country
Of course, Wyatt won’t be answering those kinds of questions per se. As usual he’ll be singing in riddles. Riddles that reflect some of those things he saw and felt on that “other path”. He’ll be playing his guitar with that somewhat unique acoustic/electric, coffee house, finger style with a hint of Blues sound. He’ll be giving you little puzzle pieces, that if you’d like, you could use in your own puzzle. Maybe you could fill up some empty space that you think could use some filling or maybe you could build some bridges to some places you haven’t been able to get to before. And if any of that sounds good or would make you happy then Wyatt would also be happy to have you come on by and watch one of his shows.


Snotty is a former wailer and flailer for “The Twisted Rawhide Band”, “Rock Horse”, “The Shining Hooter Band” and in the very beginning “Chuck Puke And The Breech Babies”. His bands have all been headquartered in west Texas from where Snotty has seldom ventured and from where it is difficult to pursue financially prosperous musical endeavors. The boys in “TRB”, his latest band, have escaped the west Texas desert and ventured east of the Pecos to attend Universities and pursue other musical endeavors. Snotty stayed home to tend to the horses and cows, so except for holidays he’s lost his band. But, ol’ Snotty still breaks out his guitar at the drop of a hat in an attempt to entertain folks who are easily entertained.

Snotty Hicks gets on stage and sounds like he’s havin’ a bit too much fun, and you just can’t help but join him!


October 14, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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The Garage Coffee, Music & More
1110 N. Main St.
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