Coffee Shop News

It is with a heavy heart and many tears that we must make the official announcement that
The Garage coffee shop will NOT be re-opening.

After weighing the effects of having to be closed in response to COVID-19, we had to make some very, very tough choices. And unfortunately, we can not continue.

We know this is a difficult decision to understand, but there are many factors involved in keeping The Garage alive, from supply chains and product costs, to licensing and overhead.

We spent 5 years working to get The Garage to where it was just beginning to become a stable, profitable business, not just self-sustaining, and we simply are not prepared, financially or emotionally, to start back over. And starting back over is what it would mean if we decided to try to open our doors when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

We are proud of what we built and thank each of every one of you who supported us and our vision along the way. We feel Fort Stockton is losing something special with the closure of The Garage, and we feel that loss in a way that just can’t be expressed in words.

We spent all of last week of watching, waiting, and weighing finances and projections, we had to make the decision on Sunday, April 19 to call it – The Garage coffee shop will not make it through COVID 19 and will be unable to open it’s doors, even if all restrictions were lifted tomorrow.

While the coffee shop isn’t opening, we are hoping to be able to at least put on the concerts we already have scheduled, IF gathering limitations are lifted, but even then we don’t know what the future of the venue is or how we will proceed.

It was an agonizing decision to make – all of the owners poured everything they had, not only financially, but emotionally and physically, into building The Garage up over the past 5 years, and know we are leaving not only a huge hole in our community, but in the tour plans of the many artists, managers, and support teams we have been honored to get to know over the years. More than anything, the feedback we received from artists has been the fuel that kept our passion for an all-ages venue in Fort Stockton alive.

From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you for an amazing 5 years and 7 months. We will miss seeing you each day and having the opportunity to make your day a bit brighter with a truly exceptional cup of coffee and a smile. We hope that if we are able to offer you events and concerts, that we get to see each and every single one of you again.

Keep rockin’…

Brian, Renee, Chrissi, Allie, & Bailey