Calling all local and regional musicians!

Are you ready to take the stage? We have spots open for nearly all genres and experience levels, from metal to folk, full bands to solos. One song, to a full hour show.

No experience? No problem – that’s what we’re here for! This is your chance to get on-stage experience and work on your act – without having to PAY someone or sell tickets for them. With an audience that’s here for YOU, to  support and encourage you. You won’t get that playing in the corner of a bar! We have a spot that suits you, from being able to open for touring artists, to novice nights. Put the fear behind you and take that first step to getting HEARD.

Contact us for details – email or come right on in, 1110 North Main Street, Fort Stockton. We prefer in-person or email contacts, use phone only if other contact methods aren’t possible (432) 701-0588

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