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The Garage Coffee, Music & More
1110 N. Main Street
Fort Stockton, Texas 79735
(432) 701-0588

Locally owned and operated coffee, gallery and live music venue.

All ages, family friendly (and pet-friendly too)

Garage FAQs

Do you sell beer/wine/any alcohol?

Will you start selling alcohol soon?

Well, WHY NOT?
We choose to focus our talents on making awesome coffee and treat drinks. šŸ™‚ BYOB IS allowed to most concerts – an additional $5 per person bringing in their own beverages. Ticket fees go the performing artists, beverage fees go to The Garage.

Do you serve food?
We have a variety of snack option that changes often, from breakfast sandwiches to parfaits. We also are the area’s exclusive retailer of Taos Mountain energy bars. We are not a restaurant. We put our energy and expertise into perfect coffee and drinks. We will not ever be a full service restaurant. There are many, many options in Fort Stockton for delicious food. We want to be your entertainment and treat stop.

Can we bring our kids to events and concerts at The Garage?
YES! Children of all ages are welcome. We ask that you be respectful of performers and other attendees – if your little one is getting cranky, or starts acting up (as we all know every child does from time to time) take them out of the music hall. And be a responsible parent – supervise your children while at The Garage, and make sure the event is appropriate for their age. Children ages 7 and under do NOT require a ticket to attend events if accompanied by a paid attendee. Every one ages 8 and up is required to purchase a ticket to non-free events.

How often do you have live music?
We usually have concerts on Saturday. Sometimes there will be multiple concerts during a week. While most of our events planned months in advance, sometimes a last minute show is added. Check the website for event schedules.

Are the performers all locals?
Yes and no. We usually have a local or regional artist or band perform with a headliner, and some concerts are headlined by a local or regional artist. Most of our headliners are touring bands and artists from all over the world.

What’s up with that skull logo? I was afraid to come inside. While I’m asking, what’s up with that building of yours? It’s not very coffee-shop-ish.
What did you find when you came through that front door? When people come in for the first time their first reaction is almost always “wow, it’s different from what I thought!”. Exactly. Moral of the story – stop judging things (and people, and places, and ideas) on outward appearances, and what you ‘think’. Get to know. It’s a high goal, but it’s part of what we set out to do here. Stop calling people ‘rednecks’, or ‘goths’, or ’emos’, or ‘nerds’. People are people, regardless of what they look like, how they dress, or what they are interested in. To some our logo is cool, to others it’s intimidating, but for everyone it stands for the same thing: friendly, fair, forthright, and fun. The building supports our goal as well. You don’t see the spacious music hall from the parking lot, or when you enter the coffee shop, and may not be able to imagine how weĀ accommodateĀ a crowd and multiple bands… come inside. Don’t judge from you ‘think’ you see from the outside. We selected this building to become The Garage because we didn’t want to leave a vacant building in our community. Yes, we could have built something brand-new (and not be fighting as many leaks and headachesĀ that come with a 100+ year old building), but we didn’t believe that would contribute to the community as much as taking a highly visible, disused building and turning it into something special. This building is as much a part of Fort Stockton as the people who live and work here are.

Have a question about The Garage you’d like answered? Email us, and we’ll include it in the next newsletter or here on our FAQ page! Email questions to sales@TheGarageTX.com.

The ‘official’ About Us

The Garage isĀ a local place for residents and travelers to get great coffee drinks at a reasonable price, in a unique high-energy environment, while experiencing the wealth of talent that is available in regional artists and musicians. It’s ourĀ goal to provide great drinks in a fun and welcoming atmosphere, while promoting the music and art in the community.

The Garage has been strategically planned to offer a unique experience of location, decor, and theme to highlight the energy we provides through coffee, music, and art. The unique blend of talents and interests represented by the owners of The Garage allows usĀ to provide an eclectic but thematically unified experience.

The Garage Coffee, Music & MoreĀ is locally owned and operated by Brian & Renee Gaylor & Family inĀ Fort Stockton, Texas, operating as
The Garage CMM LLC.

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