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Spring is in the air... wait... it's winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. (And that was just YESTERDAY!) Don't you just LOVE living out here in beautiful west Texas? We sure do! (though we wouldn't mind if the wind backed off just a bit...) The Coffee Mechanics have been busy this past month - lining up bands for shows, creating NEW family activities, booking the hall for lots of birthday parties and special events... and of course, serving up delicious drinks and treats.

Speaking of treats - have you seen our newest YUMs? Hand-made Melville Candy! Our first delivery sold out in less than 48 hours! But more just came in - so come get some of these awesome treats! Chocolate dipped giant marshmallows, unique chili and bacon pops, marshmallow drink toppers, and chocolate stirrers. (We couldn't decide which to try so we tried them ALL)

Introducing our newest family game!

Feud Time is a survey-based game. We surveyed 100 typical Americans and asked them a series of questions in a variety of subjects. The object of the game is for your team to guess the top answers to those questions to score the most points by the end of the game. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer, just what you believe to be the top answers to the questions posed during the surveys. bring the whole family! Everyone can play! And did we mention it's FREE? First game will be on March 12!


Tuesday Trivia Night
Fun, challenging, and a whole lot of laughs. Tuesday, March 5 ~ FREE 6:30 pm
feud time hdr
Feud Time
Family game for teams! Guess the top answer to survey questions.
Tuesday, March 12 ~ FREE 6:30 pm
only you prevent
snailmate march
Snailmate and The March Divide
Nerdcore / SynthPunk / Pop
Saturday, March 9 ~ Doors at 6:30 pm
Tickets $5, kids 7 & under free
Murder Monroe poster hdr
Murder Monroe with The Evening Watch
Alt Rock
Saturday, March 23 ~ Doors at 6:30 pm
Tickets $5, kids 7 & under free

At The Garage, we believe in the power of arts and music. We aim to ensure EVERYONE has the opportunity to experience live music, regardless of age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or any of the rest of the things that make us all unique. We back that up by making all shows ALL AGES, in a family-friendly environment, and ALL ticket proceeds go directly to the bands. We hope you will join us in making sure the live music experience doesn't die!

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