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Time changes, school break, and WIND - yes, it's definitely spring in west Texas! Warmer weather and longer days mean it's time for new springtime drink favorites - how about a mango strawberry chiller or a Raz Tea? :D
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reverend justin hylton
Reverend Hylton
Friday, March 16 ~ 7 pm
Tabletop Game Night
Tuesday, April 10 ~ 6:30 pm
Society of Broken Souls 2
Society of Broken Souls
Friday, May 4 ~ 7 pm
only you prevent
Tuesday Trivia Night
Join us on March20 for an evening of fun, challenges, and a whole lot of laughs.
Gaffer Project 2
Gaffer Project
Saturday, March 24 ~ 7 pm
Buddy Vargas 3
Buddy Vargas
Saturday, April 7 ~ 7 pm
Ethan Eckert hdr
Ethan Eckert
Saturday, April 28 ~ 7 pm

At The Garage, we believe in the power of arts and music. We aim to ensure EVERYONE has the opportunity to experience live music, regardless of age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or any of the rest of the things that make us all unique. We back that up by making all shows ALL AGES, in a family-friendly environment, and ALL ticket proceeds go directly to the bands. We hope you will join us in making sure the live music experience doesn't die!

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