2019 Coloring Contest Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the 5th annual coloring contest!

Winners were announced at the Bash Music Festival on Saturday, September 7, 2019. If you were not present, you may pick up your medal at The Garage during normal business hours – for entries that were returned through the school, medals will be given to the teachers to deliver to students.

Ages 3-4
1st place – Charleston Rose
2nd place – ReAnna Fleming
3rd place – Aleenah Morgan

Ages 5-8
1st place – CiCi Meierhoff
2nd place – Jeune Colin
3rd place – Aiden Pitts

Ages 9-12
1st place – Bailey Roberts
2nd place – Jeremiah Shuttleworth
3rd place – Kaelyna Calderon

Ages 13-17
1st place – Jessica Meierhoff
2nd place – David Garrison
3rd place – Bryon Henry Garrison

1st place – Laura Thornton
2nd place – Melissa Fleming
3rd place – Sarah Shuttleworth

Judging was done by an anonymous panel of volunteers who judged entries based on age level, skill, and creativity, with judges being allowed extra points to assign to their personal choices. Judges were not given entry names, only age levels.