Gallery: Jean Caffeine, with Jeb Spacepilot 11/17/18

Photo gallery of Jean Caffeine and Jeb Spacepilot performing at The garage on 11/17/18

Gallery: Alexa Rose & Carolina Tim 11/10/18

Photo gallery of Alexa Rose & Carolina Tim performing at The Garage on 11/10/18

Gallery: Halloween at The Garage 10/27/2018

Photo gallery of Halloween activities at The Garage on 10/27/18

2018 Holiday Hours

2018 Holiday Hours

Gallery: The Soap Boxers 10/20/18

Photo gallery of The Soap Boxers performing at The Garage on 10/20/18

Gallery: Justin Gambino, with Whitlee Casey 10/6/18

Photo gallery of Justin Gambino, with Whitlee Casey, performing at The Garage on 10/6/18