New Premium Vapor: Dead Head line by AMPED

Our customers know we won’t carry anything we don’t believe in. We are often asked why we won’t carry so-called “premium” e-liquid brands. Simple. There was nothing “premium” about the e-liquids we were offered. Weak flavors. Weak vapor production. Weak hits. And we aren’t about anything ‘weak’ here at The Garage.

The Dead Head line from AMPED is the first line we have unanimously approved. All 6 flavors in this line ROCK. This max VG line is perfect for drippers and users of sub-ohm tanks (not recommended for standard vapor pen devices).

But don’t take our word for it. Come in and give these awesome flavors a try yourself.



DeadHead-ChainsawA Chain Saw may be the perfect weapon to get out of a bind when surrounded by the undead. Also useful for mixing Strawberries and Bananas, if a bit messy in both situations.


DeadHead--CrossbowEveryone needs long range weapon in their arsenal. Useful for taking out the hoard before they get too close. Also useful for getting the pear, kiwi and other tropical fruits from high in the trees.


DeadHead-KatanaThis Tigers Blood mix of Watermelon, Strawberry and Coconut is the perfect concoction to release your inner Ninja.


DeadHead-LawnMowerThe lawn mower might not look like a typical un-dead defensive weapon but try running one over a watermelon, or a honeydew, or a cucumber even.


DeadHead-MacheteLight and powerful, the Machete is the best melee weapon to slice your way through the undead hoard to find the perfect blueberry cupcake waiting for you.


DeadHead-ShotgunNothing makes a mess faster than double barrel shotgun in tight spaces. Perfect for mixing brains, or the perfect tropical fruit punch.


Dead Head E-Liquid is forged from USP Certified ingredients using a proprietary process that results in clean and consistent flavors. Max VG means that PG may be present in the flavorings but all base ingredients are 99.7% pure VG. Diacetyl and acetyl propionyl free flavorings.

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