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Newsletter - March 21, 2015

Hi reader!

It's been quite a while since our last newsletter went out back in January - since then we've had giveaways, contests, and plenty of awesome concerts! And PLENTY more concerts coming. Scroll down to the upcoming events section of the newsletter to see what all we've got planned!

The next concert is TONIGHT at 7 pm

 Here's a quick recap of the events and concerts since our last newsletter:

Event Gallery: Pursuer concert 03/07/2015

Event Gallery: Pursuer concert 03/07/2015

Local metalcore band Pursuer put on an awesome show on March 7. 

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Event Gallery: Thumpin' Puppies Concert 02/21/2015

Event Gallery: Thumpin' Puppies Concert 02/21/2015

Local favorite the Thumpin' Puppies were a treat at The Garage with their own unique brand of music on February 21.

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The David Berkowitz Quintet, The Thumpin' Puppies, & Al Haney

Event Gallery: Rockin' the Blues Concert 01/17/2015

The Garage had an AWESOME night of rockin' blues with Al Haney, Bart Reid, and The David Berkowitz Quintet on January 17. A special treat was the appearance of the Thumpin' Puppies who were all up and performing with Bart. At the end of the night all of the musicians had an impromptu jam session - it doesn't get much better than that.

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Event Gallery: Tom Ezell, Adam Garcia, Peter Arvo Concert 01/10/2015

Event Gallery: Tom Ezell, Adam Garcia, Peter Arvo Concert 01/10/2015

The first concert in The Garage music hall was - well, it was beyond words. The crowd was amazing, the musicians were amazing - it was just a perfect inauguration of our stage.

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Peter Arvo recaps his visit to Fort Stockton

Peter's recap in the Fort Stockton Pioneer really captures the warmth, energy, and diversity of our town. Make sure you read this article - It will make you PROUD to be from Fort Stockton. Link to full article on the Pioneer website:  

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Coffee Shop News

The Garage now DELIVERS!

The Garage now DELIVERS!

Large order for your office or crew? Unable to get away from work? Just don’t feel like driving over? We’ll bring our delicious drinks to YOU!

We deliver anywhere within Fort Stockton city limits.

$5 Delivery Charge

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Vapor Shop News

LOTS of new flavors!

 Flavors  available in 5, 10, or 30 mil size, Zero - 18  nicotine levels on all flavors, up to 24 on some flavors!

Nicotine Strengths 

The amount of nicotine in milligrams, for each milliliter of e-Liquid, expressed as mg/mL. You will see this represented in a variety of ways, such 1.2%, 12mg, or 12mg/ml, which all state the same nicotine level. We label with the 12mg variation, but you can see that if you are used to buying a 1.2%, a 12 from us is equivalent in nicotine. 

 0 mg - No nicotine.

6 mg
Lightest level offered. Commonly the last level in stepping down your nicotine usage. Sometimes is compared to an ultra-light cigarette. Sometimes represented as .6% or 6 mg/ml

 12 mg
This is our mid-level nicotine, sometimes compared to a light cigarette. Sometimes represented as 1.2% or 12 mg/ml

 18 mg
This a high level of nicotine, sometimes compared to a regular cigarette. Sometimes represented as 1.8% or 18 mg/ml

24 mg

A very high level of nicotine. We don’t carry this level in all flavors. Sometimes represented as .2.4% or 24 mg/ml

Are you a vapor user? Tell us how and why you vape! Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are still misunderstood by many. We want to share your success stories on quitting smoking, curbing an appetite for sweets, and more. Tell YOUR story about why you support and/or use these devices, and we'll feature it on our website so others can learn more about the different ways in which people use  and enjoy vapors! Email your stories to


Upcoming Events:

Saturday, March 21, 7pm - Little Omena & Snotty Hicks


Acoustic Indie-folk duo  Little Omena are a soulful folk group featuring original music containing evocative lyrics, a distinct sound quality, and a high instrument to performer ratio. Intimate and witty, their sound and stage presence has been compared to that of Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, and The Weepies. Little Omena is best enjoyed in a house concert setting, when the audience can truly steep in the stories and wordplay of their music. 

 The one and only Snotty Hicks will lead off the night! Snotty gets on stage and sounds like he’s havin’ a bit too much fun, and you just can’t help but join him. Snotty Hicks on ReverbNation

Monday, March 23, 7 pm - Kristen Ford

Eclectic fuse of indie, folk, country & blues with a healthy dose of rock and roll. Her one ­woman band performance includes guitar, percussion and variety of effects pedals, creating a unique musical entertainment experience. You don’t want to miss this! 

Saturday, March 28, 7 pm - Bryon Garrison and The Rain Makers

Rockabilly/Alt Country/Swing


Bryon Garrison is a cross between Johnny Cash, Chris Izaak, Elvis and Dean Martin. You might catch him playing a big venue in Chicago or the San Antonio Rodeo. You might hear the big Chicago sound of I’m Here, 10 X Worse or Third Avenue or his West Texas sound which includes fan favorites Meet Me in Presidio and The Other Side of Blue.

Saturday, April 4, 7 pm - High Seas Adventure with The First Part 

Rock. Hailing from San Angelo, Texas, High Seas Adventure brings an energetic and thoughtful rock vibe. Founding members Jody, Matt and Chris added Jason in early 2009 after beginning the project in the late summer of 2008. They entered the studio in May of 2009 to record their first EP, which is now available for download.


Also performing will be power pop band from San Angelo The First Part

High Seas Adventure on ReverbNation
The First Part on ReverbNation
High Seas Adventure Facebook page
The First Part Facebook page

Saturday, April 18, 7 pm - Rock Paper Gary

Acoustic/new folk duo that has been described as Elliott Smith meets Blink 182


Saturday, May 9, 7 pm - Korbe Canida

SINGER-SONGWRITER – Acoustic Indie-Folk-Rock


Saturday, May 16, 7 pm - The David Berkowitz Quintet

We’re happy to welcome back to our stage The David Berkowitz Quintet – these guys put on an AWESOME show when they played in January! Opening the show will be Al Haney & Ricky De La O


Saturday, May 23, 7 pm - Hindsight

Hard Rock


Seating is limited! Call to reserve table 432-701-0588

Hindsight website
Hindsight on Facebook


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