News from The Garage 9/24/15

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Free Stadium Cup

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Upcoming Concerts

Concert: The Saturday Giant

The Saturday Giant

Style: Rock/Pop

Columbus, Ohio-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist The Saturday Giant will be performing on Friday, September 25, 2015.

The Saturday Giant (the stage name of nomadic aural tinkerer Philip Cogley) crafts an innovative and compelling live show in which he sculpts layers of guitars, drums, bass lines, beat boxing, keyboards and vocals into towering walls of sound, without the aid of prerecorded samples. As one journalist put it, “let's just say Cogley has brought the concept [of the one-man band] into the computer age."

Even while maintaining a rigorous touring schedule—he gave over 200 performances in 2014 alone—The Saturday Giant continues to release new recordings of his unique brand of “art-rock.” He’s currently on the road in support of a new release (a sampling of live and studio recordings titled “Prepartum”) and is set to release his debut full-length album this fall. Cogley says he’ll be incorporating some of that new material into his diverse set list.

“Some people have told me that watching me perform is like watching a chef prepare a meal:  I’ll start with a hip hop beat, liberally season it with rock guitars, add a sprig of electronica and a dash of folk; and next thing you know you’re enjoying this massive feast,” said Cogley, laughing. “And hopefully, it’s delicious.”

The show begins at 7 p.m. Admission is free.

Hope to see you there!

Concert: Gleewood


Style: Folk Rock

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Concert: Vanessa Silberman

Vanessa Silberman

Style: AlternativeRock / PopRock / Grunge / Songwriter

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Past Events

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